New from MFG Chemical, LLC.

MFG Chemical, Inc. has modified two 6500 gallon stainless steel reactors to enhance their distillation capacities.

An 18 inch by 20 foot structured packed column with an estimated 22 theoretical plates has been added to one of the 6500 gallon reactors.  It will  initially be used for making products that have a mixture of volatiles where it is desirable to separate them, returning some to the reaction while distilling off the others.

A decanter system has been added to the other 6500 gallon reactor.  The decanter allows the separation of immiscible liquids and the return of one to the reactor and the other to a receiver.

These modifications increase the already high flexibility of these reactors.  Both reactors are equipped with steam and hot oil heat and vacuum capable of about 5 torr.