For Immediate Release – MFG Chemical, LLC. Compliant in ChemStewards® Program

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For Immediate Release – Keith Arnold Appointed New President

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Keith Appointment

MFG Chemical Hosts Dalton State Organic Chemistry Students

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Recently MFG Chemical had the privilege to host Dalton State Organic Chemistry Students at our Kimberly Plant. “The goal was not to bore the students to death” said Richard Underwood, “but to educate them on what they should expect if they decide to pursue a chemical degree.”

Roughly 50 students attended the first meet & greet with plans to continue this program next year.  With Dalton State now offering  a Bachelors in Chemistry and over 100 students official declaring it their majors, an introduction to the real world application of chemistry is something students are missing in their academic careers.

Dalton State College was chartered in 1963 as Dalton Junior College by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and in 1967 opened its doors to 524 students as the 24th institution in the system.  Through its almost 50 years of commitment to higher education Dalton State continues to grow, now offering 20 Baccalaureate Degrees.  Dalton State’s commitment to the community shows when in 2010 its economic impacted on North West Georgia reached $108 million.  Even with such a large financial influence, Dalton State, for the 5th consecutive year, was voted one of the most affordable 4-year schools by the U.S. Department of Education.

MFG Chemical has always had the growth of the Dalton community as a top priority.  We hope to continue our relationship with Dalton State in the years to come.


MFG Chemical Attends 5th Annual Chemicals America Specialty & Agro Conference

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MFG Chemical, Inc of Dalton, Georgia exhibited at the fifth annual Chemicals America Specialty and Agro Show held the week of September 8th in Charleston, South Carolina.  The event had a historical level of attendance with mainly industrial and agricultural industrial companies seeking customer/toll manufacturing services.  The MFG Chemical mainstay business model is custom manufacturing and anticipates continued participation in the Chemicals America Specialty and Agro show for years to come.

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MFG Chemical Reaches Out to Dalton Public School STEM Programs

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Students observe the first steps of water treatment

By Anthony Daniell
May 13, 2015

On May 11th, three chemists from MFG Chemical had the pleasure of spending the day at Brookwood Elementary School teaching real-life chemistry and applications. Anthony Daniell, Richard Underwood, and David Hays gave an energetic presentation to six classes full of 4th and 5th graders as they explained concepts of solubility, how soap and dye carriers work, bonding properties of atoms, and polymerization mechanics. If that sounds daunting it’s because chemistry often gets stereotyped into an “impossible-to-comprehend” category and then people get scared of it. MFG wanted to show how simple these chemical principles can be if students start early with imagination and an open mind.


Assessing their pants and identifying the different dye solutions/techniques

Brookwood is currently the only northwest Georgia elementary school that is STEM certified (Science Technology Engineering Math) and is gaining a reputation for pushing the boundaries of scientific education. Dalton’s future depends on new generations being able to handle STEM concepts and continue a tradition of excellence in manufacturing and technology. MFG is happy to have started a partnership with Dalton Public Schools to inspire young people in chemistry.

Here are a few un-edited excerpts from the 5th grade thank you letters:

Thank you gentlemen for coming to our school and tell us about the MFG Chemical. You three showed us that we don’t need to fear chemistry and that it was easy.

My favorite parts was when Mr. Daniell was talking about how soap helps take out the parts of oil or dirty stuff off your body.


Mr. Hays leads the class in a polymer chain-reaction

Thank you for coming to our school. We shall be the next generation of you three.

Sincerlly, Bryson

Mr. Hays leads the class in a polymer chain-reactionMr. Hays leads the class in a polymer chain-reaction

A student observes the water tornado

Two students make their observations

I loved learning about the mer family. I think the activity where we had to link and relink hands with other people when initiators came along was really cool.

Senciraly, Parker

I learned today about Chemistry. Some of the stuff I already knew but, mostly everything I learned it from you guys. I never knew that Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon all had hands and the hands can connect to each other’s hands.

A student observes the water tornado

A student observes the water tornado

I think you changed my mind. I feel like I want to be a chemist now.

Sincerely, Saul

Chemistry is very interesting. Like Mr. Underwood said, if you think of chemistry in a goofy way you will understand it more…

Sincerley, Jacky

Q-What is Carbon’s favorite song by the Beatles? A-“I want to hold your hand”. Ha ha ha. It’s funny how things in chemistry are not as complicated when you think silly. I think you should do this next year.


Two students make their observations

Two students make their observations

MFG Chemical Supports Wellness Program for Employees

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March 4, 2015

At MFG Chemical, we provide a Wellness Program for all of our employees. The program rewards each employee for their efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve their quality of life, which in turn reduces the cost of medical expenses incurred by the employee and company. One key component to the plan rewards current employees who “kick” the tobacco habit with a check for $500. Since the plan’s inception in 2014, three employees have successfully completed the program.

President Chuck Gavin presented the checks to employees Leah Goforth and James Tinch. Brenda Shults also completed the program but was unavailable for the picture.




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November 4, 2014

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We at MFG are deeply saddened at the passing of Jason Jeffers and send our condolences to Jason’s family and friends.  We will provide information about funeral arrangements as details become available.

MFG Chemical Welcomes New EHS&S Director

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Barry Lassiter1MFG Chemical, Inc., is pleased to welcome Barry Lassiter as the new Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S), whose top priority will be to create a new culture of safety at the company’s Kimberly Park facility. Lassiter has more than 42 years of experience in various leadership and management positions in manufacturing, maintenance and EHS&S with DuPont and Invista.  During this time, he was also active in the community, serving on the State of Tennessee Governor’s Citizen Corps Advisory Committee, the Tennessee Safety and Health Council, and (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team training.

Lassiter is passionate about safety. “Safety is a value, not a priority,” he said. “MFG is fortunate to have a man of Barry’s experience and dedication leading our safety program,” said Chuck Gavin, President of MFG Chemical.  “Barry is the person we need to help us establish a whole new culture of safety.”

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering receives gift to endow faculty chair

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Through an endowment that will enhance the caliber of faculty within Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Charles E. and Carol Ann Gavin of Dalton, Ga., have created a faculty chair within the college. The inaugural recipient of the Gavin Chair is Bruce Tatarchuk, director of Auburn’s Microfibrous Materials Manufacturing Center and professor of chemical engineering.

 Gavin, chairman of the board for MFG Chemical, LLC., received a bachelor’s degree in textile management from Auburn University in 1959, as well as an executive MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has held a number of senior level positions within the carpet and chemical industries including vice president of manufacturing for Columbus Mills and vice president/director of dyeing for Coronet Industries. In 1981, he formed MFG Chemical, providing custom manufacturing for a broad segment of the chemical industry and producing a wide range of surfactants and polymers in three manufacturing plants based in Dalton.

 During his career, Gavin was instrumental in new developments in acid-dyed carpet lines and the dyeing of polyester carpet. In 2003, he was named Auburn University’s Outstanding Textile Engineering Alumnus. He is a past president and treasurer of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), and has served as chair of the AATCC Foundation, being the first contributor in its formation. He was named treasurer emeritus upon his retirement. In addition, Gavin has been recognized with the organization’s Chapin Award for his many years of service to the industry.

 The Gavins’ previous contributions to Auburn include the Charles E. Gavin III Textile Chemistry Scholarship, made through the Alabama Textile Education Foundation, as well as scholarships in the Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering. In addition, their gift to the construction of the Shelby Center for Engineering Technology resulted in the naming of a classroom and the Dean of Engineering office suite in their honor. 

 An endowed faculty position epitomizes academic excellence for the recipient, and a devotion to providing a quality education to Auburn students by the donor. These endowments are critical to recruiting and retaining the best faculty, and represent a philanthropic investment in students’ experience in the classroom and the university’s potential through research and outreach.

 “It is imperative that the College of Engineering attract and retain faculty members who have demonstrated high levels of academic achievement,” said Christopher B. Roberts, dean. “The Gavins’ gift is critical to our ability to build an exceptional faculty, and Dr. Tatarchuk represents the caliber of faculty we are committed to support on our Auburn campus.”

 Tatarchuk, who holds the doctoral degree in chemical engineering from University of Wisconsin, began his career at Auburn in 1982. He has been instrumental in the development of a number of patents and inventions at Auburn, and is widely recognized as a leading authority on microfibrous materials used in air handling, as well as fuel reforming and processing and fuel cell systems.

 “Bruce is one of the most creative and innovative faculty members I have had the pleasure of knowing as a colleague,” Roberts said of the appointment. “His performance over the years has been recognized at the university level and beyond, and his reputation in graduate education is beyond question.”

 Tatarchuk has received numerous awards for innovations in research including Auburn’s Creative Research Award, the College of Engineering Research Award of Excellence and the U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Energy Efficiency Award.

 “Carol Ann and I are extremely pleased to be able to make this gift to the College of Engineering,” said Gavin. “I credit my own success in the industry to the solid foundation that I was given at Auburn, and I believe in the goals that Dean Roberts has set for both himself and the college as it moves to the next level of engineering education.”

 Faculty endowments enable Auburn University to recruit educators in key academic and research disciplines by providing resources for competitive salary packages, technology in the classroom, state-of-the-art equipment for research, and out-of-the-classroom educational opportunities.

 Charitable gifts made in support of Auburn’s academic programs are received by the Auburn University Foundation. To make a tax-deductible, charitable donation to Auburn, visit, or learn more about the full scope of philanthropic opportunities that can benefit the university at