MFG Chemical, Inc. signs letter of support for Chattanooga State Community College

For Immediate Release  June 6, 2012

MFG Chemical, Inc. President and CEO Charles E. Gavin has signed a letter to Chattanooga State President Dr. James L. Catanzaro in support of the work by the school to provide technically trained workers to the Chattanooga Area.

“We especially support the Chemical Process Engineering Technology degree.  We feel there is a need in process development and process management for people with hands-on orientation and applied technology skills.  We think your degree program will fill that need.”

Mr. Gavin Closed with, “Your institution has an outstanding track record in reacting to the needs of local business and industry.  We appreciate your vision, your anticipation of the needs of our community and your response with educational programs to supply graduates with the skills needed to continue the positive grown in our community.”