MFG Chemical Reaches Out to Dalton Public School STEM Programs


Students observe the first steps of water treatment

By Anthony Daniell
May 13, 2015

On May 11th, three chemists from MFG Chemical had the pleasure of spending the day at Brookwood Elementary School teaching real-life chemistry and applications. Anthony Daniell, Richard Underwood, and David Hays gave an energetic presentation to six classes full of 4th and 5th graders as they explained concepts of solubility, how soap and dye carriers work, bonding properties of atoms, and polymerization mechanics. If that sounds daunting it’s because chemistry often gets stereotyped into an “impossible-to-comprehend” category and then people get scared of it. MFG wanted to show how simple these chemical principles can be if students start early with imagination and an open mind.


Assessing their pants and identifying the different dye solutions/techniques

Brookwood is currently the only northwest Georgia elementary school that is STEM certified (Science Technology Engineering Math) and is gaining a reputation for pushing the boundaries of scientific education. Dalton’s future depends on new generations being able to handle STEM concepts and continue a tradition of excellence in manufacturing and technology. MFG is happy to have started a partnership with Dalton Public Schools to inspire young people in chemistry.

Here are a few un-edited excerpts from the 5th grade thank you letters:

Thank you gentlemen for coming to our school and tell us about the MFG Chemical. You three showed us that we don’t need to fear chemistry and that it was easy.

My favorite parts was when Mr. Daniell was talking about how soap helps take out the parts of oil or dirty stuff off your body.


Mr. Hays leads the class in a polymer chain-reaction

Thank you for coming to our school. We shall be the next generation of you three.

Sincerlly, Bryson

Mr. Hays leads the class in a polymer chain-reactionMr. Hays leads the class in a polymer chain-reaction

A student observes the water tornado

Two students make their observations

I loved learning about the mer family. I think the activity where we had to link and relink hands with other people when initiators came along was really cool.

Senciraly, Parker

I learned today about Chemistry. Some of the stuff I already knew but, mostly everything I learned it from you guys. I never knew that Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon all had hands and the hands can connect to each other’s hands.

A student observes the water tornado

A student observes the water tornado

I think you changed my mind. I feel like I want to be a chemist now.

Sincerely, Saul

Chemistry is very interesting. Like Mr. Underwood said, if you think of chemistry in a goofy way you will understand it more…

Sincerley, Jacky

Q-What is Carbon’s favorite song by the Beatles? A-“I want to hold your hand”. Ha ha ha. It’s funny how things in chemistry are not as complicated when you think silly. I think you should do this next year.


Two students make their observations

Two students make their observations