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Equipment and Manufacturing Plants

Through careful planning and meticulous extensive preparation, MFG Chemical has developed a manufacturing system that allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability. Our equipment can adjust to many different customer needs and chemistries. If you have a project that needs help in development support or just a place to have a requirement to manufacture a chemistry already in production, we can tailor make a solution for your organization. Our manufacturing plants are prepared to assist your business needs and ensure your product is delivered on time and to your specifications.

Manufacturing plant detail
  • Reaction capabilities from 37°F (3°C) to 550°F (290°C)
  • Vacuum capabilities down to 25 mmHg
  • All reactors equipped with overhead systems to achieve high purity
  • Pressurized reactors up 100psi
  • Reactor construction from glass lined to SS316 to Hastelloy
  • 23 reactors from 2,000gal (7,500L) to 8,000gal (30,000 L)
  • Blend tanks from 2000 gal (7,500L) to 4000 gal (15,000L)
  • High shear available for slurry applications
  • Pilot plant of 100gal(400L) up to up to 550°F (290°C), SS316
  • All reaction plants controlled by Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Ability to precisely control up to 4 simultaneous chemical feeds allow the formation of precise molecular weight polymer
  • High grade engineering and safety programs allow the ability to handle flammable material
  • Ability to handle Rail Cars, Tank Wagon, ISO’s, Totes and Drums
Quality Management System Certified: ISO 9001:2015


Through our vast array of knowledge and experience MFG Chemical can assist you in producing a wide range of chemistries. Our world class chemists and lab equipment can help you develop a product from idealization to production following your strict specifications. Our expert Quality Control chemists ensure your product is made correctly every time.

Worker in a lab
  • Water Soluble Polymers
  • Non-Aqueous Polymers
  • Condensation reactions: amides, esters, imidazolines
  • ENE reactions
  • Mannich reactions
  • Emulsion Polymerizations
  • Bromination
  • First class analytical capabilities: GC-MS, GC-FID, HPLC, FTIR, full wet chemistry kits
  • PARR reactors 1Liter 316 SS with PTEFE gasket (350°C and 1900 psi)
  • Pilot facility: 378 liters (100gal) 316SS, up to 288°C (550°F)
  • Outsource R&D capabilities Contract Research