Personal Care

Equipment able to function as blender to formulate specialty material together with the ability of synthesizing complex molecule gives us the flexibility to serve this market from start to end. Our ability to handle a large array of solvent and co-solvent in addition to a strong supply chain knowledge in renewable raw materials allows us to serve the industry from basic technology to complex polymerization. Our equipment can function as a blender to formulate specialty materials and synthesize complex molecules which gives us the flexibility to serve this market from start to end. At MFG we are proud of our high quality standard that allows us to control critical factors for this industry from low color to high conversion.

Custom Manufacturing

Used as emollients, based on renewable sources, and produced under high-quality control and regulatory scrutiny, these technologies offer a series of benefits as they hydrate, soften and smooth the surface of skin. Esters for this industry are either based on fatty acids or the correspondent oil. Sometimes, they are also used as solvent to help compound other ingredients in proper consistency.

Generally used to provides excellent conditioning and combability properties in hair conditioning applications. Both can be neutralized with a variety of acids such as citric acid or lactic acid to form a cationic amine salt. Other raw material sources for amides are based on isosteric acid or similar.

Coco-based or similar renewable technologies are often used in combination with other chemistries to meet all desired requirements – like dissolution of soil and formation of foam in combination with a good skin tolerance. Imidazolines are particularly used in shampoo as anti-stat and conditioning.