We deliver customized process additive chemistries, tackling challenging applications. Numerous reactors with hot oil heating and DCS control enable us to use high profile raw materials and synthesis of process additives that serves this market, from exploration to fuel additives. MFG technology is able to produce high conversion imidazoline that require high temperature and low vacuum as well as complex solvent base polymers built on maleic anhydride and high molecular weight raw. This range enables MFG to cover the energy needs from upstream to downstream.

Custom Manufacturing

Flow assurance is series of step in the energy sector that ensure hydrocarbon transportation from the reservoir to the end user. Technologies differs from the application and can vary from an esterification from a renewable source to a solvent polymerization using functionalized olefins by maleic anhydride, all the way to an emulsion polymer based on acrylic acid, acrylamide, styrene and others

This technology serves several applications in the energy sector: Stable at elevated temperature, it’s the main components of corrosion inhibitors for use in oil and petrochemical industry. It is also largely used in exploration formulations where the technology enhances the HPHT filtration properties of drilling mud.

Main components for inverted emulsion formulation improve the thermal stability of the system by reducing the interfacial tension between the oil phase and water phase or brine. Polyamides are based on derivatives of renewable sources, further functionalized in solvents.

Synthesis where a monomer is dissolved in a non-reactive solvent that contains a catalyst or initiator. The reaction results in a polymer which is also soluble in the chosen solvent. Applications are manly directed to flow assurance but the same technology can be adapted to other functions such as rheology modification.

Reaction product from renewable sources used at 100% activity or diluted in a desired solvent. Application varies from lubricant of water-born systems to high brine. This can also be applied to an acid releasing agent to deliver strong acid downhole. Ester can also be used a carrier fluid or diluent where a high environmental profile is needed.

Terms that include a variety of strategic applications with the same goal of improving transportation of crude from downhole to refinery. Technology that includes the use of emulsion polymerization, with monomers such as styrene, acrylic acid, acrylamide and maleic anhydride to a functionalization of olefins with maleic anhydride and further functionalization to ester from renewable sources.