Surfactant based chemistries are widely used in this sector to deliver active ingredient to substrates. We deliver novel technologies to custom and contract manufacturing to meet industry requirements in this market. Our equipment’s ability to provide blending and novel synthetic routes lets MFG serve this market from start to end. Our ability to handle a large quantity of manufacturing and the skill to manage biocides allows us to serve the industry from basic technology to complex systems in truckload and rail quantities.

Custom Manufacturing

Reaction product from varies sources used at 100% activity or diluted in a desired solvent. Application varies from lubricant to manufacturing of surfactants used to deliver active ingredients to a desired medium. Anionic surfactants such as ULTRADOSS are wildly used for this application.

Cationic surfactant based on fatty amines further functionalized provide the opportunity to use strong wetting agents in systems incompatible with anionic molecules. Dispersibility, high pH tolerance and cationic compatibility are the deciding factor for this technology.

Drinking water is treated with biocides to eliminate any harmful micro-organisms which ensures that water is safe to drink. For industrial applications, Biocide blending can remove algae and other harmful organisms that can disrupt industrial water treatment processes.There are two basic types of biocides: oxidizing and non-oxidizing. Non-oxidizing biocides, which include quaternary ammonium compounds, are blended accordingly to maximize their efficiency.