Anionic Surfactant used as wetting agent to surfactant to water-wet substrates. Able to form microemulsion and emulsifier for several industrial applications from agricultural to mining to textile.

Chemical molecule diagram


Dioctlylsulfosuccinate (CAS# 577-11-7) based surfactant, 70% solids in Diethylene Glycol / Water. Low viscosity, high flash point and low color for applications where low evaporation rate is needed.

Solid 37%-43%

pH (1%) 5 – 7

Flash Point(CC)  >200F

Anionic 34%-40%

Color Gardner <6

Specific Gravity 1.01 – 1.10

APPLICATIONS: The low evaporation rate of the solvent makes this product very suitable for applications where solids are transported on substrate and need to be deposited permanently in non-aqueous system. Typical applications are agricultural, mining and certain type of coating.