Anionic Surfactant used as wetting agent to surfactant to water-wet substrates. Able to form microemulsion and emulsifier for several industrial applications from agricultural to mining to textile.

Chemical molecule diagram


Dioctlylsulfosuccinate (CAS# 577-11-7) based surfactant, 70% solids in Propylene Glycol/Water. Low viscosity and low color for applications where a high flash solvent is needed.

Solid 70%-76%

Acid Value <2.5

pH (1%) – 5.0 -7.0

Anionic 67% min

Viscosity (25C) 100cps – 500cps

Specific Gravity 1.05 – 1.15

APPLICATIONS: The high evaporation rate of the solvent makes this product very suitable for applications where solids are transported on substrate and need to be deposited permanently and uniformly. Typical applications are agricultural and coating.